Residential Interiors

CMD Interior Concepts is passionate about creating spaces that are beautiful and unique! We provide interiors that are reflective of a client’s tastes and lifestyles while taking a conservative approach to cost! We are able to incorporate elements of diverse styles into any space. CMD Interior Concepts has been involved with every aspect of design – from specifications, fabrication, to custom furniture, custom cabinetry and built-ins, fabrics, custom window treatment designs, custom area rugs and flooring, to designing bathrooms and kitchens, selecting surfaces & finishes, lighting plans, etc.


Are you working with existing pieces that have sentimental value? That’s not a problem! We can still create an awesome space for you whether it’s by repurposing, redesigning or starting from a blank slate.


Our projects include new construction and renovations.

Commercial Interiors

CMD Interior Concepts designs commercial spaces and more.  We study the daily practices of our client’s whether it’s a work space, recreational space, day spa, worship space, gallery or something totally different. Collaboration between CMD and our clients in the programming phase helps to define and create the vision!


Functionality and space planning are key factors in these types of projects. One of our goals is to provide an environment that is visually pleasing.  The other goal is to create a space that will enhance the client’s ability to operate more efficiently as a small business, corporation or organization.


We provide design services for existing spaces, build-outs for tenants or new construction. We provide a turn-key service for our clients.

Window Treatments & Draperies

We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of window treatments draperies for our clients.  The right window accent or use of drapery to define an area. makes a new interior pop.  Here are a few examples of the many custom window treatments we have designed for our clients over the years. 

Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Window Treatments and Draperies
Church Interiors

CMD understands the religious significance of colors and fabrics the evolving style of church interiors today . Projects can be handled all at once, or in several phases, based on the client’s needs and budget. 

CMD Interior Concepts has experienced designers that put their expertise to work in providing a full scope of design services. Our capabilities include:

  • New Construction                    

  • Renovation Programs

  • Interior Design                          

  • Traditional Renovations        

  • Contemporary Renovations            

  • Furniture Refinishing

  • Catholic Church Renovations            

  • Pew Upholstery/Cushions        

  • Furniture Refinishing                

  • All Types of Seating            

  • Furnishings                                    

  • Flooring Refinishing            

  • Chancel

  • Theatre Seating                          

  • Church & Choir Chairs            

  • Church Carpet                          

  • Paint &  Plaster Repair

  • Stain Glass                        

  • Church Lighting

  • Sports Flooring                    

  • Steeples & Baptisteries

  • Children Church & Daycare             

  • Audio /Visual / Lighting

  • Platform redesigns for worship flexibility

  • High-quality fabrics and color coordinated carpet

  • Historical restorations

  • Contemporary renovations\
    construction and designer boards

Our interior designer will create design concepts and drawings for review and approval by your building committee. After approval, our Interior Designer will prepare a designer board which will coordinate colors and designs selected for the decorating of your church. We would prepare a comprehensive proposal. Each phase will be scheduled in a timeframe that would least disrupt the church functions and services as little as possible.​

Window Treatments and Draperies